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The Old West

The Cowboys
William H. Forbis

Chapters include:  A sweaty little man, tall in the saddle; The cattle barons; At home on the range; Roundup time; The long, long trail; Towns that boomed on beef; The code of the West.





The Indians
Benjamin Capps

Chapters include: The faces of a proud people; The wide world of the horse Indians; An ingenious way to live; Seeking help from the spirits; The white man's invasion; Conquering the peace; Confrontation on the plains.





The Soldiers
David Nevin

Chapters include: Battered cavaliers of the Indian wars; A mixed bag of Western forts; On the campaign trail; Sudden fury in a long, slow war; Future commanders of the West; Anatomy of a disaster.





The Trailblazers
Bil Gilbert

Chapters include: The lure of the wild country; The mountain man's domain; King of the trailblazers; Sightseers and scholars; A realm for the taking; Filling in the blank spaces.





The Railroaders
Keith Wheeler

Chapters include: A work of visionaries - or of fools; Barons of the Western roads; Working on the railroad; The ride to California; The men who made the trains go; A gaudy rail-borne harvest.





The Forty-Niners
William Weber Johnson

Chapters include: Gold, gold, gold in California; Sailing for El Dorado; The rough realities of grubbing for gold; The sprouting shantytowns; Boomtown on the Bay; Wondrous end of a wild quest.





The Pioneers
Huston Horn

Chapters include: In search of a second Eden; Prophets and propagandists; Hopeful novices on a perilous journey; Settling in at last; The odyssey of the Saints; Sodbusters in the heartland.





The Gunfighters
Paul Trachtman

Chapters include: The deadly brotherhood of the gun; Buccaneers of the border states; The man with the badge; A slow triumph for the gavel; Sinister masters of murder; Frontier justice, vigilante style.





The Great Chiefs
Benjamin Capps

Chapters include: An assembly of eagles; Guerrilla fighters in a rugged domain; Final champion of Comanche glory; Protecting a way of life; Pacifist on the warpath; The threatened world of Sitting Bull.





The Rivermen
Paul O'Neill

Chapters include: A 3,000-mile waterway west; The great fur rush upriver; "Steamboat acomin'"; No buoys, no beacons, no maps; Good times, bad times; In service to the Army.





The Texans
David Nevin

Chapters include: A special breed in a bountiful land; A capital gilded and remote; The Alamo: victory in death; San Jacinto: a vengeful slaughter; Harvesting the fruits of liberty; The furor over statehood.





The Loggers
Richard Williams

Chapters include: A treasure richer than gold; The great timber rush; Taming the virgin forest; A rude and perilous life; Blowin' 'er in on Skid Road; Big Business invades the forests.





The Spanish West
William H. Johnson

Chapters include: "The best land in all these Indias"; The cruel road to Empire; Pioneers in the farthest borderlands; A society shaped by adversity; Prosperity and piety along the Pacific; "A war of race, religion and customs".





The Frontiersmen
Paul O'Neill

Chapters include: A trade-off in terror; The "noble and generous" Boone; A ritual of death by fire; Key to the Great Lakes; Stampede to the Mississippi; The frontier forms a leader.