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Life Nature Library

The Forest
Peter Farb

Chapters include: The Forest Year, Ancient Landscapes, Green Patterns Around the Earth, From Jungle to North Woods, Tree Engineering, The Web of Forest Life, The Hidden World of the Soil, Rise and Fall of the Wilderness, Forests of the Future.





The Sea
Leonard Engel

Chapters include: The Matchless Phenomenon of the Sea, The Origin of the Sea, The Underwater Landscape, Currents: On the Surface and in the Deep, Waves and Tides, The Great Pyramid of Life, Sharks and Other Killers, Mammals of the Sea, Man and the Future of the Sea.





The Desert
A. Starker Leopold

Chapters include: Scorched Belts on the Earth, The Creation of Deserts, Plants under the Sun, The World of Desert Animals, Water: The Eternal Problem, Life Patterns in Arid Lands, Man against Desert, The Desert Tamed.





Ruth Moore

Chapters include: Darwin's Voyage into the Past, A Theory That Shook the World, The Riddle of Heredity, Chromosomes, Genes and DNA, A Half Billion Years of Creation, The Search for Mankind's Ancestors, Dawn Man and His Brothers, The Emergence of Homo Sapiens.





The Insects
Peter Farb

Chapters include: A Realm of the Insect, Living in Armor, The Marvel of Metamorphosis, Insect Architecture, The Hunters and the Hunted, Flowers, Pollen and Bees, The Water Dwellers, The Ant: Wisdom or Instinct?.





The Birds
Roger Tory Peterson

Chapters include: From Archaeopterys to Sparrow, What It Takes to Fly, Birds as Food Gatherers, How Many Birds, The Riddle of Migration, How Birds Communicate, From Egg to Adult, Toward a Balance with Man.





The Plants
Friz W. Went

Chapters include: The Green World, The Subworld of the Cell, The Plant as a Chemical Factory, Moving Water by Molecules and by Tons, The Quest for Clues to Growth, The Molding Force of Climate, Climbers, Clingers and Predators, Man the Master.





The Mammals
Richard Carrington

Chapters include: The Variety of Mammals, Mammalian Evolution, Moving on Four Legs, How Mammals Eat, Attack, Defense and Survival, The Wanderers and the Stay-at-Homes, Love Life, Toward Man.





The Fishes
F.D. Ommanney

Chapters include: Inheritors of an Ancient World, The Facts of Life in Water, The Shaping Hand of Evolution, Sharks and Rays: Loners of the Sea, The Complexities of Reproduction, Life and Death in a Silent Realm, Charting the Great Migrations, The Costly Struggle to Harvest the Sea.





The Reptiles
Archie Carr

Chapters include: The "Cold-Blooded" Fraternity, The Golden Age of Reptiles, The Business of Eating, The Business of Living, Return to the Water, The Miraculous Shelled Egg, Growing Troubles with Man, A Dubious Future.





Peter Farb

Chapters include: The All-embracing Web, Coexistence in the Community, Why Living Things Are Where They Are, Rhythms, Cycles and Clocks, Mutual Aid - or Tooth and Claw?, The Fit and the Unfit, The Rise and Fall of Populations, Man versus Nature.





The Land and Wildlife of North America
Peter Farb

Chapters include: A Virgin Continent, The Crowded Coasts, The Western Deserts, The Southern Lowlands, The Great Eastern Forests, A World of Grass, Mountain Ramparts, The Last Frontiers.





The Land and Wildlife of South America
Marston Bates

Chapters include: A World Apart, Acrobats in the Treetops, The Old Inhabitants, Talented Newcomers, Where the Birds Are, Reptiles and Amphibians, The Insect Legions, The Rivers and Their Denizens.





The Land and Wildlife of Tropical Asia
S. Dillon Ripley

Chapters include: The Southeastern Realm, When the Rains Come, In the Great Forest, The Muddy Margins of the Sea, Island Hopping, An Insect Treasure Trove, Pythons, Rhinos and Others, The Human Invasion.





The Land and Wildlife of Eurasia
François Bourlière

Chapters include: A Continent's Turbulent Past, The Southern Barriers, Ravaged Lands on the Azure Sea, The Steppe Corridor, A Forest Primeval and Its Survivors, The Land of the North, The Taming of the Wild, The Last Strongholds.





The Land and Wildlife of Australia
David Bergamini

Chapters include: The Dry Continent, A Long Isolation and Its Results, Two That Time Forgot, The Meat Eaters, The Mixed Feeders, Deadly Snakes and Giant Lizards, The Birds of Down Under, Human Holdovers from the Stone Age.