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Casino Books

Beat the Dealer
Edward O. Thorp

The book that changed Las Vegas forever. If you want to play Blackjack, you really need to read this book. "Basic strategy" will give the player the best odds of winning even though the house has the advantage.





Blackjack for Blood
Bryce Carlson

Described by reviewers as a “masterpiece” and “must buy,” this book covers the game from basic strategy to advanced card-counting concepts. Includes the Advanced Omega II System, plus additional sections on comp-counting, camouflage and advanced “commando” tactics--many of these “insider” secrets never revealed before.




Casino Game Protection
Steve Forte

*The most important, definitive treatise ever presented on the methods, detection and prevention of Casino Scams, Theft, Card Counters and all Advantage Strategies!






Casino Operations Management
Jim Kilby

Management personnel need a thorough understanding of the business side of the casino industry to ensure profits—and to avoid losses. It’s a sure bet that Casino Operations Management, Second Edition will help current and future gaming management professionals better serve any casino.

Written by experts with over 65 years of combined experience in the field, this Second Edition offers all the critical skills and know-how to equip gaming and casino operators with the knowledge needed for the management office, cage operations, and table game and slot operations.

This updated edition features detailed coverage of:

  • Current high-roller marketing tactics and their effect on profitability

  • The effect of popular money management systems on casino profits

  • The initial development process of an Indian casino

  • Studies designed to identify the patronage motives of gamblers, including those of riverboat customers

  • Slot club design: player rating issues, point accumulation schemes, and more

  • Principles of casino floor design: managing table game and slot location

  • Studies designed to measure the profit contribution of popular slot promotions

  • Casino Operations Management, Second Edition uses simplified mathematics and statistics throughout, and provides readers with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the casino industry business. It is a must-have reference for students and casinos that develop managers internally.

    Playing Blackjack as a Business
    Lawrence Revere

    This is the most talked-about book on the Blackjack scene. This book has sold more copies since it's initial release than any other gaming book. Prior to this new edition there was no foolproof way to learn how to play Blackjack accurately. This is the only Blackjack book that is easy to understand and completely accurate, written for the beginner or for the expert player.

    Playing Blackjack as a Business was written by a successful professional Blackjack player. The author has probably spent more time playing Blackjack, more time in the casinos, and more time in research, than have all of the others combined who have written Blackjack books or devised Blackjack systems.

    The book features a new Basic Strategy for one deck, the first accurate Strategy to be published for four decks, and four easy-to-learn Count Strategies including the Revere Point Count Strategy, which is the most accurate and most powerful strategy that has ever been published. The strategies were devised from computer runs by Julian H. Braun of IBM Corporation, long recognized as the world's most capable man in this field.

    Professional Blackjack
    Stanford Wong

    Computer expert and blackjack professional Wong tells you how to acquire winning blackjack skills.




    The Professional Poker Dealer's Handbook
    Dan Paymar, Donna Harris, Mason Malmuth

    The poker industry has grown at a phenomenal rate during the past few years. It wasn't that long ago that only a few Nevada casinos had small poker rooms as an accommodation for its casino customers. But times have changed.

    Today there are many locations throughout the country that offer poker including several "giant" poker facilities. However, with this explosive growth, there are a few "growing pains," and a lack of quality dealers is immediately apparent to anyone who either plays poker or works in the industry.

    Dealing poker is one of those occupations that look easy when performed by a top quality dealer. You too can achieve this status with practice and effort. In fact, the best dealers not only perform their job in a seemingly effortless manner, they enjoy what they are doing.

    It is our hope that this text will establish a standard in the industry. It will assure that poker continues to grow and prosper in the future. It is the ultimate book for anyone interested in a career as a professional poker dealer.

    Super System 2
    Doyle Brunson

    *The original Super System, written and edited by Doyle Brunson, the acknowledged "Babe Ruth of Poker," is hailed by all players as the single most influential book ever written about the game of poker. Now, Super System II, pushes the envelope further, expanding on the original with new games, new strategies, and new experts.

    This is a brand new book-not an update. The who's who all-star studded lineup for SSII includes Chip Reese, who Doyle recognizes as one of the top three players in the world, if not the best; Johnny Chan, two-time WSOP champion and tied with Doyle for the most world series bracelets with 10, Doyle Brunson himself, two-time WSOP champion and the greatest poker player of all time, Lyle Berman, founder of the World Poker Tour, the world's best Omaha player, and owner of three WSOP gold bracelets; Bobby Baldwin, former WSOP champion and CEO of the Bellagio; Mike Caro, the greatest poker theorist and best-selling author; Jennifer Harmon, the best woman player in the history of poker and one of the top 10 overall; Todd Brunson, winner of more than 20 tournaments and the future successor to Doyle's throne; as well as Danny Negreanu, and Barry Greenstein.

    Super System II covers the essential strategies and advanced play on the most popular games played today-No limit Hold 'em, Limit Hold 'em, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud 8 or Better, 7 Card Stud High-Low Split, No Limit Omaha, Omaha 8 or Better, Limit Lowball Draw, High Draw Poker, Chinese Poker, Triple Draw Lowball-as well as important sections on professional poker play and poker psychology.

    Table Games Management
    Vic Taucer

    Whose responsibility is it to order more chips when a table game is running short?

    Who should check the dice when they return to make sure they have not been changed or altered?

    What is the proper definition of "hold percentage?"

    What are the factors that affect hold, including service issues (such as service, casino "climate" and lighting) and game issues?

    This book answers these and many more questions and discusses the various Nevada Revised Statutes regarding "asset protection" (avoiding cheaters), with examples of laws that reference card switching, bet switching, bet capping, bet pinching, use of a "cooler" and use of a "computer," among other areas. It's an excellent resource for anyone planning to enter the casino industry and for those already in it as a dealer who wants to "graduate" to mid-management positions.

    The Tragedy and the Triumph of Phenix City, Alabama
    Margaret Anne Barnes

    *In 1954 gamblers and organized crime that controlled Phenix City, Alabama, arranged for the assassination of Alabama Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson. Patterson's murder followed in the wake of his efforts to clean up the small city on the Alabama-Georgia state line. The horrific assassination attracted national and international attention in the London Times and the New York Times, as well as magazines such as Time, Look, Life, Newsweek, and the Saturday Evening Post.

    In the first chronological narrative of these events ever published, Margaret Anne Barnes tells the true story of how economic hard times in the Depression led a mayor to barter immunity from prosecution to gamblers and gangsters in exchange for money to save the town from going into receivership. By mid-century the criminal element managed to buy or infiltrate every office of government in the city. When their control was absolute, no crime was beyond their commission, no citizen safe, and no constitutional right could be relied upon.

    Focusing her narrative on the roles key figures played in restoring Phenix City to stability, Barnes bases her work on interviews with surviving principals and investigators. She dramatically reconstructs the story as it unfolded using private papers, depositions, trial transcripts, and court records. This riveting narrative traces the contributing factors and the dramatic events in Phenix City. In the process the author shows how citizens' vigilance and exercise of the ballot can prevent similar suspensions of human rights and civil liberties from being repeated.